Vanaf nu te bestellen: MAINTENANT #14 (A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art)

Maintenant14De veertiende editie van “Maintenant – a journal of contemporary Dada writing and art” – met daarin het grafische gedicht “gulzigheid #4” van mijn hand – is beschikbaar en kan hier rechtstreeks bij de New Yorkse uitgeverij besteld worden.

Voor 25 USD krijg je 272 pagina’s door Dada geïnspireerde poëzie & kunst van 258 schrijvers/kunstenaars uit 33 verschillende landen.

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Dada was born as an artistic protest. An unfettered reclamation of the trenches flowing blood. Along came influenza which couldn’t choose sides. And now‚ here we sit in isolation—100 years later—still creating. Revolutionaries facing a new form of plague accompanied by demagogic projections.

Today’s war is for the survival of the planet. In MAINTENANT 14: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art, edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges, the weapon of choice is Dada. Today, everyone in the world is affected by the growing impact of climate change, pollution, plastics, and lack of sustainability. The 2020 edition of the premiere journal of contemporary dada writing and art confronts the situation with a bold and rebellious collection of work that shows the absurdity of continuing the practices that have taken earth to the precipice of extinction. Using the theme “UN-SUSTAIN-A-BULL-SH*T” MAINTENANT 14 creators turn poetry and art into weapons that expose, confront, and lambast policies that have taken the planet to tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. The premiere journal gathering the work of internationally-renowned contemporary Dada artists and writers, MAINTENANT 14 offers compelling proof that Dada continue to serve as a catalyst to creators more than a century later.

Each page in this journal is a physical conviction. Each spread relates an intimate correspondence. The entire volume is a familial tree of leaves and shapes and buds of thoughts to be.

Our theme might be UN-SUSTAIN-A-BULL-SH*T, but here as one soul, the moment is sustainable.

The annual MAINTENANT series, established in 2008, gathers work of contemporary Dada artists and writers from around the world. The new issue features cover art by neo-pop artist/provocateur Walter Robinson.


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